Preemie Clothes Beyond Footies & Onesies
A simple Google search for preemie clothes and you may find a host of footie sleeper and onesie pictures from Amazon, Target, BuyBuy Baby and more. You may start thinking, "Is there anything else? My baby is in the NICU...
Important Questions for NICU Parents
Boom! There you are, in the middle of a new world you didn't even know existed before your baby decided to surprise you and show up early. It may be possible that you are just trying to play catch-up and...
Lessons from the NICU
The first lesson is accepting that you will feel scared and out of control most of the time. No matter how many or how few days you will spend in the NICU, you did not prepare for this. You may...
Stories from Preemie Parents shared by NICU Notes
I was recently scrolling through Instagram and I came across one of @nicunotes posts. I started reading and found it to be very inspiring so I wanted to share some of the stories with you. One thing that sets these stories apart for me...
Preemie Clothes for the NICU & Beyond
What a year! So much has happened in the past year. Covid became a very familiar word! Working from home has become a regular thing, now some of us might be dreaming of going out to work. Zoom meetings, social distancing, and mask-wearing will always be terms lodged in our heads. Similar terms and experiences can quickly become normal for parents and family members of premature babies. One moment they are celebrating the beginning of a new year and the anticipation of a baby to come in just a few months, then in a moment, their world is turned upside down. Who can think back to when the letters NICU would have meant nothing to you?
The Preemie Curve Ball
Are you ready for a little baseball? Spring is just around the corner, and I can smell the hot dogs and popcorn. Maybe it is the year to go to a warmer climate and enjoy some spring training. Pregnancy can...
One in a Mulligan
A few days ago, I came across @oneinamulligan on Instagram. The story on her feed inspired me to share it with all of you. She is an amazing young mother, who like so many of us, had a dream of...
Simple things like dressing your baby are actions many mothers have been looking forward to since they saw the positive pregnancy test results! The fact your baby is in the NICU leads most parents and grandparents to ask a ton...
Countdown to Christmas
  We are counting down the last 12 days to Christmas with a brand NEW website and deals each day!  We would love for you to come visit our new site and enjoy these 12 days till Christmas Specials. 12...
What Size Preemie Clothes Should I Buy?

This question is asked by many a parent, grandparent, or friend when a premature baby has entered their world and they begin to think about buying preemie clothes. Whether the baby is 2 pounds or 5 pounds, finding clothing that will fit well and have enough growing room to enable them to wear the garment for more than a week or two can be difficult. On top of figuring out what size preemie clothes to purchase, you may run into the fact that each manufacturer sizes their garments to their own specifications. So what do you do? 

Well, let us help! We provide you with sizing charts from all our manufacturers and have linked them to the product descriptions. Some of the size charts are actual measurements of the garment so you can better choose the correct size. 

Celebrating a Milestone with Perfectly Preemie

We are very excited to celebrate a big anniversary of our brand Perfectly Preemie! It is a great month to be celebrating NICU Awareness and hitting another milestone.

Wow, where has the time gone?! We know this year has been just a little challenging with so many new and unexpected hurdles. It has caused me to be even more thankful for this business I started 27 years ago. Being able to connect with customers, and provide a service to others is truly a blessing to me. Since we have been asked to stay at home and not visit with all those we love, I have said a million times, how wonderful it is to work with my daughter and be able to continue to serve our customers providing great preemie clothes to them during difficult times.

What's Not to Love about Perfectly Preemie's NIC-Suit?

The pure softness of the fabric, combined with the brilliance of the reversible design, is just the beginning of my attempt to describe these adorable NIC-Suits made by Perfectly Preemie. 

We have just added seven of their newest prints, and are so in love with these little bodysuits, we just had to write about them. I thought it would be great to help break down some of the reasons I think these little bodysuits are the be all and end all, plus why every parent needs one for their little preemie in the NICU. 

Seven Pieces of Advice for Preemie Parents
Recently I read a post from a young mother who is lying in the hospital due to medical issues that will result in delivering her baby 10 weeks early. She was asking for any encouragement and/or advice from preemie parents on what you wish you knew before your NICU journey started. 
Five parallels dealing with a preemie and Covid-19
We are indeed in uncharted waters, with a virus spreading worldwide and states locking businesses down, major league sports at a halt, and about the only thing open is a grocery store. We have been asked and reminded everywhere we look to wash your hands. They have even told us to sing the Happy Birthday song to ourself to make sure we are washing long enough. At this point, I realize that much of the world is starting to go through some of the very challenges parents of preemie babies deal with the minute they enter into the new world of the NICU.

Who Are Preemie Clothes Really For?
It was a beautiful Monday morning. My husband and I were talking about some new product pictures I have been working on for the Preemie Store website. We were discussing how NICU-Friendly the little shirts are from Perfectly Preemie. During that conversation, he brought up a very important question that sparked this blog post. He asked me, "Who are these preemie clothes really for?" It made me stop and think for a minute because sometimes when I am waist-deep in everything about our company, I might not see the big picture as clearly. He said that he felt that even though we have best clothing for preemies to wear in the NICU, the people who benefit the most are...
Life Lessons Learned in the NICU.
I am sure many of you are either just glad you are done with this season of your life (NICU life) and really want to put it behind you or you are in the process of “getting through” the NICU journey and are holding on for dear life. However, I really do believe that sometimes the hardest things we go through teach us the most. Believe me, as much as I love the stretches of life when nothing "big" is going on, I do look back at the tough times and see how much I learned and grew during those times. I heard early on as a parent that taking your kids camping is really good for bonding as a family.
RSV Season, What should I look for?
As we head into the Winter season and that means the possibility of more colds, the flu, or other unwanted bugs coming into your house. One of the most unwanted viruses is RSV, which stands for Respiratory Syncytial Virus. You have probably heard the abbreviation spoken many times during your NICU stay, and it may have you a little freaked out. 
Let’s breakdown RSV: Here is the definition, according to WebMD: 
“Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a common and very contagious virus that infects the respiratory tract of most children before their second birthday. For most babies and young children, the infection causes nothing more than a cold. But for a small percentage, infection with RSV can lead to serious, sometimes life-threatening problems such as pneumonia or bronchiolitis, an inflammation of the small airways of the lungs.”
Biggest NICU Question: When Can Preemie Go Home?
It is understandable that as soon as you begin healing up, have visited with your new baby, and met with the hospital staff as to your little one’s well being, your first question will be, "When can we all go home?" When I had my babies over 30 years ago, that was the first thing on my mind! The wonderful saying from the Wizard of Oz went through my mind, "There is no place like home; there is no place like home!" These feelings will ring even louder when you have been in the NICU a few days or weeks, and you want to bring your little preemie home.

What Preemie Clothes Should I Get to Dress My Preemie?
I am sure you have put a lot of thought into planning your baby’s wardrobe. It is one of the fun things a Mom gets to do while her belly is growing, and she is preparing for the new baby to arrive. Then you get faced with the surprise of having a preemie, and you wonder, “what now?” The truth is your preemie will not need a lot of clothing for the first few weeks of life. The hospital staff will be busy trying to assess your baby's levels to see what they may need in regards to oxygen, feeding, and monitoring their temperature.
Three reasons Leg warmers are perfect for the NICU.
I was recently having a conversation with my daughter about all the leg warmers we carry here at the Preemie Store. She told me about talking with a customer on chat that was looking for pants that would work for her little preemie in the NICU. Melissa proceeded to tell her about the leg warmers we carry and the benefits of them in the NICU. This prompted her to suggest we write a blog post and share this with everyone, because sometimes when we see the name leg warmers we may just think of the '80s when they were first popular. 
The Best of NICU-Friendly Clothes
We know that even though you are here reading this blog post, you may have a nursery full of all kinds of very cute little baby clothes! It may be a few years ago (36) but I still very clearly remember back to when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby and the desire to buy those cute little things was hard to resist. The drawers of the little dresser quickly filled up with undershirts, gowns, sleepers, dresses, receiving blankets and so much more.