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Preemie Story with a Twist
We have recently added preemie stories to our Blog, to help bridge the gap between preemie parents currently going through the NICU experience, with those who have gone before. We hope that walking the path with someone that has gone before will be helpful and encouraging.
Five Suggestions on What Preemie Clothes to Buy
As soon as the Doctor confirms our suspicions of being pregnant, we quickly begin to think about buying cute baby outfits. We simply "have to" get the coming home outfit, the christening set, the first going out gear, and many other things that are just too cute to resist. Then to our complete surprise, we have a teeny baby earlier than expected and none of the cute little things we have purchased fit. So what do we do now? What should we get, what will fit, what will work? So many questions!

Apps for Preemie Parents to help during their NICU journey
With all of today's technology and apps for almost everything, we are happy to introduce you to two that are here to help preemie parents during their journey through the NICU. 

Five Tips from a Preemie Mom
We have been collecting Preemie Stories to share with you in the hope they will encourage other preemie parents wherever you are on your journey. This story also includes Five Tips that this preemie Mom learned along the way.  We want to Thank Rebecca for allowing us to pass her story on to you.
The A-Z's of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
We often reflect on the fact that parents usually don't know they are going to have a premature baby. Most commonly we expect to carry the baby nine months, plan our gender reveal, enjoy our baby shower and then be ready for the final count down. Then all of a sudden something unforeseen happens and you find yourself in the NICU. You are thrown in a world of the unknown NICU, and you are trying to figure it all out quickly. 
The Long Road Home for a Preemie
We have recently written blog posts titled, "Preemie Parent - It's Not Your Fault!" and "Can Preemie Parents Have PTSD?" When writing these articles I was inspired to add a category to our Blog labeled "Preemie Parent Stories." It is my hope that by reading other parents' stories and struggles you will find that your are not alone. With this thought in mind, I recently spotted an Instagram post by @butterfly.gypzee where she shared her story of becoming a preemie mother. She has graciously given us permission to share her story with you. I know you are going to like it!
Can Preemie Parents Have PTSD?
Right off you may be asking yourself, "Why would she be writing about PTSD on a Preemie site?" We often hear about PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome) in regards to combat situations on the news. However, for families who have spent time in the NICU, they would say it was combat. They were there fighting day in and day out for their babies' survival! After I read several stories about parents' various NICU experiences, I realized that this is an issue that many preemie families are dealing with. 

Preemie Parent - It's Not Your Fault!
Recently, I have read several posts on social media where Mom's are talking about feeling guilty about having a preemie. I read with compassion and tried to understand because I did not have a preemie. I have been blessed to have had three reasonably normal pregnancies. I did deal with gestational diabetes with the last one, but all I had to give up was sugar. That was not a bad thing! The 10 pounds I didn't gain with that pregnancy was a blessing in the end!  
What Preemie Clothes Should I Buy?
We are continuing our conversation from our last blog post...someone you know just had a great big surprise! An early arrival in the form of a sweet little preemie baby! We talked about some fun things you can do to support the parents with great ideas like coffee cards, snacks, dinners, and babysitting. You may be thinking about the baby and the fact that the baby shower you were planning was still two weeks down the road. So what about clothes for this little one now?
Someone I know had a preemie baby, what can I do to help?

Totally out of the Blue someone you know has been thrown into the world of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). You probably didn't even know a place even existed before this baby arrived sooner than expected. Many mothers have been blessed with pregnancy's that provided them with no complications or surprises except for the big question at the end "When will this baby get out of here!" Now someone we know and love is asking the opposite question "Why did this baby come early?"



KicKee Pants expands to Micro-Preemie

What kind of clothing do you need for the tiniest babies on earth? Finding clothing that meets the needs of preemie babies is not something you will find at many department or discount stores. Even though over 500,000 premature babies will be born in the United States alone this year (30,000 in Canada), this is still considered a “small” market for most baby clothing manufacturers. 

Five Non-Profits to Help Preemie Parents
As a Preemie parent, you certainly know the total uncertainty the whole experience can bring. So often a premature birth is not expected. Over the years I have read hundreds of stories of mother's who went into the Doctor's office to be told of a serious situation in regards to their pregnancy that required an immediate c-section or bedrest that resulted in delivering a premature baby. No matter how your little one decided to come early, it is a scary and difficult time for all involved.
Happy Carter's Dance
We are so happy to be able to offer you another Great Brand Carter’s! We have been happy to have the cute prints that Carter’s have been offering in their sleep n plays and bodysuits for servers years now. Just recently Carter’s launch a new size and small new styles to their offerings. The NICU sleep n play offers parents the option of open Velcro shoulders, plastic snap opening crotch.
ONE reason to Google It!
Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Kenya Moore have recently brought to light the difficulty of finding Preemie clothes. Such a search is especially true for Preemie clothing sized under five pounds, made for the preemie still in the NICU with multiple medical attachments. They join the thousands of parents who have been on such a search for years, and this specific inquiry has birthed many online stores. That is how the Preemie Store launched over 30 years ago.
Irresistible Clothing from Itty Bitty Baby Clothing Co.
Itty Bitty Baby Clothing Company designs, manufactures and markets a unique collection of quality baby clothing and accessories. Carol Spain and Richard Little have over twenty years experience in the design and manufacturing processes.
Five Things to Say to a NICU Family
We rarely know ahead of time that we will be having a premature baby. Commonly, premature birth occurs out of nowhere. You are excited and planning for a birth which you think is many days away. Preparing the nursery, buying clothing, looking forward to your baby shower and so many other things. Then all of a sudden you are in the hospital, dealing with unknown medical issues as well as a new teeny baby with all the NICU complications! This new NICU mother wrote this great article to help those who surround new preemie parents. With FIVE things to say to encourage new preemie parents. 
What is so great about bamboo fabric?

Brands like KicKee Pants and Perfectly Preemie have boosted the offerings for bamboo preemie clothes. We have received inquiries from customers asking what all the hype is over Bamboo fabrics. I thought it was an excellent question and here is my attempt to shed some light on this beautiful fabric. Below I have listed five of my top reasons that contribute to why bamboo is so great. These are not listed in any particular order. However, I did put the softest on top for a reason! You will understand this if you have ever felt bamboo. It is just wonderfully soft. So why wouldn't a preemie agree and love having some of the softest fabric next to their skin? 

Zutano Fall Sale
Zutano offers a collection of baby accessories and unique baby clothes including hats, blankets, dresses, one-piece suits, shirts, pants, and more. Zutano products are made with only the highest quality fabrics, in a combination of energetic colors, fun, and unique designs. The preemie/newborn size fits 4-8lbs and up to 18" in length. 
What Clothes Do Preemie's Need

What kind of clothing do you need for the tiniest babies on earth? Finding clothing that meets the needs of preemie babies is not something you will find at many department or discount stores. Even though over 500,000 premature babies will be born in the United States alone this year (30,000 in Canada), this is still considered a “small” market for most baby clothing manufacturers.