Providing Preemie Clothes for 30 Years!

You never know what a day will bring! We recently had a customer reach out to a local community group on social media, wanting to speak to me. Through the communication we connected and at the same time a local journalist reached out and wanted to write an article about Perfectly Preemie. It was a privilege to speak to Marsha and it is also fun to be able to share it with you.


Business Spotlight: Perfectly Preemie provides outfits for the tiniest humans


"Dressing a newborn in their first outfit is a milestone experience for new parents. But when the newborn is premature, that first outfit is really special.

Cressie Baerg, owner of the Gig Harbor business Perfectly Preemie, has been making that memorable moment happen for parents of premature babies all over the country. The company, which sells the apparel through its website, will celebrate its 30th anniversary in September.

The smallest customers

Sophia Sanchez, who grew up in Gig Harbor, delivered her baby Massimo at UW Medical Center Montlake 13 weeks early. A neonatal intensive care unit nurse told her about Perfectly Preemie. 

“My baby only weighs 2 pounds, 10 ounces and he has a long way to go,” she said. “My initial due date was Sept. 11, so he should be home around then. I have bought about 10 items so far from Perfectly Preemie. Max’s nurse Emily told us about them. She knew I wanted to dress him, and she did research on her day off.”

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