Five Suggestions on What Preemie Clothes to Buy

As soon as the Doctor confirms our suspicions of being pregnant, we quickly begin to think about buying cute baby outfits. We simply "have to" get the coming home outfit, the christening set, the first going out gear, and many other things that are just too cute to resist. Then to our complete surprise, we have a teeny baby earlier than expected and none of the cute little things we have purchased fit. So what do we do now?
What should we get, what will fit, what will work? So many questions!
To help parents, grandparents and friends, Here are our top five preemie clothing suggestions:
Our first suggestion is:
Hats - The number one item to start with would be a hat. They are a must in the NICU, even for the smallest little premie. Covering their teeny little heads will help keep them warm and body temperature regulated. Plus they are super cute! We offer many different prints, hats with fun sayings and great basic solids that will coordinate with many outfits, when your baby is given the go ahead to wear clothing.
The number two suggestions aren't as practical and needed as hats. Diaper Covers & Leg Warmers - However, diaper covers enable parents to dress their little one no matter the medical needs required in the NICU. With multiple prints available you can easily slip these fun covers over the necessary disposable diapers. Likewise, leg-warmers will not get in the way of any preemie issues. They are both cute and practical (like hats) and will keep little legs warm and won't hinder the NICU nurse's work.
Third comes around when you are given the go ahead to bring clothing in for your preemie. NICU-Friendly Garments - we suggest looking NICU-Friendly garments that will work with your babies unique needs in the NICU. These styles will have open shoulders that give you the ability to work around any monitor or IV leads. Even when your baby has moved beyond some of these medical needs, you may find yourself still grabbing the open shoulder garments just due to the ease of dressing they will provide. One of our favorite styles is this Jumpsuit made by Perfectly Preemie. It is super NICU-Friendly and so cute!
Jumpsuits are the best NICU Friendly clothes for preemies
Bodysuits - Our fourth suggestion is both practical and fun. Bodysuits can be easily worn in the NICU alone, or pair them up with the leg-warmers you purchased earlier, or pair of pants, especially after the baby has gone home. We have many bodysuits with fun sayings printed on the front, to help share with the world just how fierce, miraculous, and mighty your preemie is! 
Footies - The fifth suggestion is a fan favorite. The pure practicality of these cute one-piece outfits should give them the number one place. But with all good things, your little one will have to grow into these. The sizes for most footies start at about 4 pounds. They only work when things like IV-leads and monitors are not required, and the baby is on the road to going home. We mentioned in NICU-Friendly the Jumpsuit style from Perfectly Preemie that gives parents a little bit of both worlds; NICU-Friendly and the look of a Footie.
Footies make the best preemie clothes.
I could keep adding to the numbers, but I want to keep it brief. For more reading on NICU-Friendly clothing, please read our blog post: The Best of NICU-Friendly Clothes.
It is our goal at the Preemie Store to provide you the best selection of preemie clothes. From hats to footies and so many more things in-between. We have dresses, dress outfits, socks, gowns, swaddles, journals, and the best preemie pacifiers. We are always on the lookout for new items to add to our inventory. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know and we will look into them.
Thank you,