Gray Med Pod
Gray Med Pod
Gray Med Pod
Gray Med Pod

Gray Med Pod

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Innovative designs for EVERY neonate and infant to be swaddled! Swaddling promotes healthy attachment, psychosocial development, promotes healthy neurodevelopment, reduces trauma from hospitalization, aids in pain management and coping skills for neonates and infants on the pediatric units. 

  • 360 degree cotton swaddle sack
  • Arms free option (not available on the micro-preemie size)
  • Double zipper for easy access to diaper, feet, or ankles from bottom OR chest & midsection from top for Kangaroo Care
  • Slits at chest area and abdomen for central lines, vital sign checks, leads, drains and medical devices
  • Stretchy fabric encourages flexion, range of motion
  • Allows hip mobility
  • Made from 95% cotton 5% spandex
  • Fabric is thin enough for vital signs checks without disturbing baby or overstimulating
  • Pass OSHA standards for hospital sanitation
  • CE Certified