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Bili Pod
Bili Pod
Bili Pod

Bili Pod

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Until now, most "bill" babies have been left un-swaddled due to their need for light. The Woombie Bili Pod allows neonates and newborns to be swaddled 360 degrees with an SGS tested mesh, allowing 94% luminosity to reach skin.

  • Double zipper for easy access to diaper, feet, or ankles from bottom OR chest & midsection from top for Kangaroo Care
  • Easy to use swaddle supports Family Centered care Initiative
  • 90+% of light flows through mesh fabric
  • Swaddle shape and ergonomics encourage range of motion and flexion
  • Fabric is thin enough for vital signs checks without disturbing baby or overstimulating
  • Pass OSHA standards for hospital sanitation
  • CE Certified

Swaddling promotes healthy attachment, psychosocial development, decreases cognitive impairment, reduces trauma from hospitalization, aids in pain management and coping skills for neonates and infants.