About Us

The Preemie Store was started back in 1983 by a NICU nurse in California. In 1985, Pat Cotter, a mother of two preemie babies, purchased the store and moved it to Minnesota where she successfully ran it until 2018. At that time she decided to retire giving her more time to enjoy her grandchild and travel. The Fall of 2018 is when the team from Perfectly Preemie acquired the store and moved it to Washington State. The mother-daughter duo of Cressie and Melissa run the day to day operations of the store, along with the help and support of Cressie's husband, Kevin. Preemie Store has been and will continue to be a family business, working with your families’ preemie needs in mind.
Cressie’s personal history of clothing preemies goes back to 1993 when a friend from church couldn’t find preemie clothes for her baby. Since Cressie had been sewing practically all of her children’s clothing, she quickly made some outfits for that tiny girl. That led to her ongoing passion for designing and manufacturing preemie clothes that address the unique requirements of premature babies. 
Now with the combination of the Perfectly Preemie brand and the many other excellent brands Preemie Store carries, we hope you find exactly what you are looking for. We will be adding products to our offerings regularly, so preemie parents will continue to have a one-stop shop with the World's largest selection of preemie wear and gear!
Thank you for spending your valuable time and resources shopping at our store! Please feel free to drop us line with your Preemie story, photos, suggestions, ideas or any other feedback you may have.