Trulypreemie sleepsack swaddle
Trulypreemie sleepsack swaddle

Trulypreemie sleepsack swaddle

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HALO’s new TrulyPreemie SleepSack swaddle is specially designed to accommodate the unique needs of the NICU. Developed with NICU staff input, it’s the first preemie-sized swaddle that allows lead access while minimizing the occurrences of disrupting or unswaddling sleeping infants.

  • Size: Birth to 4 pounds.
  • Neck and arm openings sized to fit preemies
  • Adjustable SleepSack length using convenient snaps
  • Front shoulder snaps allow access to leads without disturbing infants
  • Open access allows leads to be placed away from the infant’s head and provides easy diaper and line access without unswaddling
  • 3-way adjustable swaddle allows the infant’s arms to be in 3 positions
  • Labels and tags placement avoids skin contact and irritation
  • Available in 100% cotton and micro-fleece