Preemie Girls, Sweet-Tee Bodysuit. Open shoulders with an adjustable Velcro closure in front & adjustable side ties, Excellent NICU access for any needs. Pink and White Heart Print
Lotta Love NIC-Sweet-Tee Bodysuit
Lotta Love NIC-Sweet-Tee Bodysuit

Lotta Love NIC-Sweet-Tee Bodysuit

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The Sweet-Tee now comes with open shoulders making this style even more NICU-Friendly perfect for your newest preemie baby. The simple little Tee design with wrap over diaper cover is a perfect choice for preemies. This newly update style gives an adjustable fit with the front velcro going horizontal instead of vertically. 

  • Excellent NICU access for any need
  • Easy to dress styling
  • Velcro closure on the front and shoulders
  • Adjustable side ties for a great fit
  • Made from 100% cotton jersey knit
  • Made in the USA
Size Micro Teeny Preemie
Weight 1-2.5 Pounds 2-4 Pounds 3-6 Pounds
Length of Garment  8.5" Long 9.5" Long 11" Long
Width of Garment 5" Wide 6" Wide 7" Wide

The Sweet-tee was one of the first styles Perfectly Preemie began with way back in 1993. The idea behind the design was the idea of a cute little one-piece garment that was easy to use in the NICU and simple for parents and nurses. They have have received feedback over the years, and everyone has said they LOVE this little Tee. The open-shoulder style was added to make it even more NICU-Friendly.

We have highlighted the top four reasons that make this little bodysuit such a winner. But there are more hidden gems like we sew all the tags on the outside of the garment. They are hidden from view and away from the baby's tender skin.

We have heard from parents that they were skeptical of the ties, only to find out they found them to be one of their favorite features. "They are quick and easy to use!"

Sweet-tee bodysuit from Perfectly Preemie is perfect for use in the NICU.