Santa loves me preemie bib.

"Santa Loves Me" White Bib

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These tiny bibs are made just for us - perfectly sized for the small babies. The graphic is digitally printed (not silk screened) and will not crack or crumble in the wash.

  • Made of 100% Cotton 

Made in Canada - From Canada's leading designer and manufacturer of preemie clothing

Size Preterm 2 Preterm 3 1 Month 1-3 Months 3-6 Months
Weight 1-3lbs 3-5lbs 5-8lbs 8-12lbs 12-17lbs
Length 8.5" Long 10" Long 13.5" Long 15" Long 16.5" Long
Width 4.5" Wide 6" Wide 8" Wide 9" Wide 10" Wide