What's Not to Love about Perfectly Preemie's NIC-Suit?

When parents begin the task of looking for clothing for their preemie baby, the ease of use is one of the first things to look for. Next, will be the quality and softness of the fabric that will be against their preemies skin. These two qualities are easily matched up with Perfectly Preemies reversible NIC-Suits.

We have just added seven of their newest prints, and are so in love with these little bodysuits, we just had to write about them. I thought it would be great to help break down some of the reasons I think these little bodysuits are the be all and end all, plus why every parent needs one for their little preemie in the NICU. 

They make these bodysuits from 100% cotton flannel that has been pre-washed. We are familiar with the softness of flannel, since for years our mothers or grandmothers used flannel for diapers. Well, that was way back before the wonderful disposable diapers came along. Even still, I know I had many a flannel receiving blanket that I grabbed for multiple tasks when my babies were young. The flannel on these NIC-Suits is some of the softest I have felt and the prints are so fun. From camping, jungle animals, koala bears, sloths, and unicorns there are many exciting themes to choose from. The fact that they are reversible is very practical, you can get two looks in one little outfit. This is really nice in the NICU because space can be at a minimum. As one nurse stated in her review:

"The fact that it is reversible is lovely as well since that gives this dress double the wear. There isn't a whole lot of room available for many outfits in the isolette drawers!" - Lisa W

 The velcro is a little longer than needed with the idea that as a baby grows so can the bodysuit. The quick open/close action of the velcro provides medical staff easy access to whatever the preemie's needs are, from dressing, diaper changes to medical requirements. The top of the NIC-Suit can be open for any access to the chest area, while the rest of the body is undisturbed. 

The little details thought of by Perfectly Preemie will be appreciated by parents. They put all the tags away from the babies delicate skin. The side velcro is also longer for the important growing room. 

The velcro on the crotch provides access for diaper changes. Just like the shoulder area, this can be done without disturbing the rest of the outfit. It is very important to reduce premature baby's anxiety by keeping them warm and disturbing them as little as possible. 

The two piece design of the NIC-Suit is designed from the ground up to help keep your preemie peaceful. Like so many of Perfectly Preemie's items, you can just lay the baby down on the bottom piece, gently place the top piece down and velcro up around the little one, with very little disturbance to the preemie. 

A quick turn around of the garment gives you a fun and different look, while still providing the same quick access needed for the NICU.


A very nice binding finishes all the edges on the NIC-Suit and we simple love this look! Another great feature of Perfectly Preemie's items are that they are all proudly made in the USA, by hard working individuals with a passion for making the best preemie clothes for your little ones.

The pure softness of the fabric, combined with the brilliance of the reversible design, is just the beginning of why we love these adorable NIC-Suits made by Perfectly Preemie. 

We would love to hear from you on what's your favorite part of these bodysuits. I have heard that there are some more fun prints on the way. We can't wait to add them to the Preemie Store!


Thank you for following along,


 Fun, Easy to use and just adorable these NIC-Suits will become one of your favorites too.

Cressie started the Preemie clothing brand Perfectly Preemie designing preemie clothing that fit the needs of preemie babies in 1993. She acquired the Preemie Store in 2018 to continue to offer great preemie products to parents all around the world.