Celebrating a Milestone with Perfectly Preemie


We are very excited to celebrate a big anniversary of our brand Perfectly Preemie! It is a great month to be celebrating NICU Awareness and hitting another milestone. 

Wow, where has the time gone?! We know this year has been just a little challenging with so many new and unexpected hurdles. It has caused me to be even more thankful for this business I started 27 years ago. Being able to connect with customers, and provide a service to others is truly a blessing to me. Since we have been asked to stay at home and not visit with all those we love, I have said a million times, how wonderful it is to work with my daughter and be able to continue to serve our customers providing great preemie clothes to them during difficult times.

This “Teeny” business started 27 years ago in 1993 when I became aware of the need of clothing for preemie babies. That dream has grown beyond my wildest expectations! There was no talk of social media, websites or so many other things we now take for granted. These wonderful means have given us the ability to connect with preemie parents in marvelous ways I would have never guessed when we started. We love the fact that we can chat on the website with our customers and help them find exactly what they are looking for. We are thrilled to be able to easily share pictures of our tiny customers via Facebook and Instagram.

Over the last almost three decades, we have shifted and changed a lot especially with the internet and our own website storefront. We expanded to selling our products on Amazon and Etsy and acquired the Preemie Store website in 2018. Our ability to reach so many more than the wholesale market we started with makes us very happy!   


To celebrate 27 great years, and NICU awareness month, we would like to send out 10 gift packages containing a few of our preemie products. All you have to do to be in the running is either send us a photo of your preemie, share a photo on social media and tag us @perfectlypreemie or email me at cressie@preemie.com directly with a photo of your preemie from their days in the NICU. Bonus points for tagging other preemie parents in your social media post. We also love seeing the past/present photos that show us how far your little one has come. You have until Oct 5th, 2020 to participate and then we will choose our favorites. You can either use the items, gift the items to someone you know, or give them to the NICU that helped you and your baby along your journey. 

Thank you for celebrating with us!

Note: We kindly request permission to use the photos in future online or print marketing.