Three reasons Leg warmers are perfect for the NICU.

I was recently having a conversation with my daughter about all the leg warmers we carry here at the Preemie Store. She told me about talking with a customer on chat that was looking for pants that would work for her little preemie in the NICU. Melissa proceeded to tell her about the leg warmers we carry and the benefits of them in the NICU. This prompted her to suggest we write a blog post and share this with everyone, because sometimes when we see the name leg warmers we may just think of the '80s when they were first popular. Some of you may only remember that in terms of dressing up in '80s costumes! I kind of wish I was that young!

So, why would you want to consider purchasing leg warmers for your preemie?

First, they work great to keep little legs warm! I would like to immediately insert that I believe they can also be used on arms as well. There are times when short sleeve or sleeveless garments work great in the NICU. Let's say your preemie has an IV on one arm, this is when the other arm may be able to benefit from a leg warmer. No matter if you are using them for legs or arms they do provide extra warmth that is very important to keep little one's temperatures up.

Secondly, they do not interfere with diaper changes. This is again very nice in regards to your preemie's temperature, you can change the diaper and still keep their legs covered and this will help keep the temperature up. They also keep feet uncovered giving access that may be needed for medical monitors.
Thirdly, sometimes clothing is still prohibited by the NICU for some reason. Little caps, mittens, and leg warmers will still be allowed because of the fact they do not interfere with the medical needs in the NICU, and like we mentioned above, help with temperature regulation.
These are just a few reasons we love the leg warmers and believe you will too. We carry them in many different prints so hopefully, you can find one that is just right for your little one. Match them up with a cap and mittens for a complete set.
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