ONE reason to Google It!

Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Kenya Moore have recently brought to light the difficulty of finding Preemie clothes. Such a search is especially true for Preemie clothing sized under five pounds, made for the preemie still in the NICU with multiple medical attachments. They join the thousands of parents who have been on such a search for years, and this specific inquiry has birthed many online stores. That is how the Preemie Store launched over 30 years ago. 

We believe it is much easier today with the ability to Google anything. That is now our go-to answer to almost any question! Years ago my husband got the brilliant idea that he would like to possibly sail around the world. At the time, we owned an older 42’ Crist-Craft that had two 427 gas hogging engines, and we knew that would never work unless we towed a fuel barge! So what did he do? Googled it! What sailboat with big windows has gone around the world? The big window request was because all the sailboats we had been on made us feel like we were in a cave. We are from the Northwest, so if we are going to be in our boat when it is sunny and at beautiful places, we want to see out as much as we can. Well from that simple Google question we found our boat “Blue,” a sailboat that hasn’t gone around the world but did go from Sacramento California through the Panama Canal to Florida where we bought her. AND she has 9 big windows in the Salon/galley area and is capable of sailing around the world!
By now your wondering where I am going with all of this! Well, I don’t believe Chrissy Teigen was right when she said there were no Preemie clothes. We carry over 36 different brands of great Preemie clothing! Brands like Carter's, L'ovedbaby, KicKee Pants, Zutano and so many more.  Some of the Brands we have in our store make little shirts and gowns in sizes starting at 1 pound, with velcro closures at the shoulders so they will work all around the medical needs of these fragile babies. Brands like Perfectly Preemie offer three sizes from Micro (1-2.5lbs), Teeny (2-4lbs) and Preemie (3-6lbs) so you can find the perfect fit for your little one. They are the first company to offer plastic snaps on their NIC-Sac – cute gowns that work great in warming beds and when X-Rays are needed. Perfectly Preemie, Preemie-Yums, and Itty Bitty Baby Clothing all manufacture shirts with open shoulders to accommodate preemies' special medical requirements. We have also just added the new NICU items from Carter's which include their NICU Sleep n Play with velcro closures at the shoulders and plastic snaps at the crotch. In addition, we carry the following NICU Friendly styles; Fit n Flare Dresses, IV Dresses, Jumpsuits, and Wraps in multiple preemie sizes. We also have preemie sized footies, sleepers, and bodysuits from many great brands. The list goes on with dresses, dressier outfits for your little man, preemie jeans, and a swath of bodysuits with a ton of fun slogans/sayings! All of this wonderful preemie sized clothing is manufactured in many fabric options, from organic bamboo to soft cotton knits in a huge selection of colorful and smile inspiring prints. 
Oh, and we have so much more for preemie families! A couple of the most popular items we sell aren’t clothing at all; they are the NICU Sootie Pacifiers, Wee Thumbie Pacifiers, and our NICU diary. I haven’t listed everything here, but we are hoping that no matter what you are looking for you will find it at the Preemie Store from hats to booties and everything in between!
So what is the ONE reason to Google it? You will find US - you will find the BEST selection of preemie clothes in the world! 
PS: We have no real prejudice against Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine. We would recommend any of them, we just happen to Google at our house.
We also want to ask your help with a couple of questions:
1. Where did YOU look for preemie clothes?
2. Do you have suggestions on how we can do a better job of letting parents know we are here for them?
I would love to hear from you, please email me