A Different NICU Perspective...

Hello, I am happy to say the sun is shining, and spring is blooming. I recently took a trip to Arizona to visit my family. Since I had a little extra time this visit I was able to have dinner with each one of my nieces and nephews. That was a significant accomplishment since there are 6 of them! One of my nieces is a NICU nurse in a large hospital in the Phoenix area. So, of course, most of our chatting was about what goes on in the NICU. It was delightful to hear the nurse's side of things and her experiences since I only deal with the clothing side!

Through her stories, I was inspired to hear how these nurses have to put aside their feelings, do procedures, and offer care without a parent realizing she may be freaking out just as much as the parents might be. I could not imagine placing an IV in a leg that is smaller than my pinky finger. She said it was easier than doing it on some grown patients. I asked her how that could possibly be true. She replied, "You can shine a light through their skin and see precisely where to place it." Sometimes it's the little things that can amaze us! She also shared how hard it is for the nurses to lose a baby they have worked with after caring for them for many days. However, the flip side - when a preemie goes home - is a day of celebration for everyone! Even though her and I care for preemies in different ways, the big thing in common is we both do what we love. Even through the difficult days, neither would change what we are doing.

When I was able to ask her about her hospital's clothing policies, it was nice to hear we are on the right track when telling parents the first things to purchase are hats, mittens, and leg warmers. In the blog posts: Preemie clothes beyond footies and onesies, and When can my Preemie wear clothes, I say that the best things to purchase first are hats & mittens. My niece's hospital has strict clothing policies, so these may be the only options parents have for months. The little leg warmers also work well since they don't cover feet but help keep little ones warm. We offer many options with hats and mittens, from solids to fun prints with more to come! I figure if this is all you can dress your preemie in, you might as well have some fun options!

It is the goal for your baby to grow out of the "just hat's and mitten's stage," and when that happens, we are ready. I have been working on an updated version of our web store, and it came to my notice that we have 1288 products listed under the Preemie (3-6lb) size section! This is everything from hats, mittens, socks, leg warmers, footies, gowns, bodysuits, and dresses all under the Preemie label. So I hope you will be able to find exactly what your baby needs. The Micro (1-2lb), Teeny (2-4lb), and Newborn (6-8lb) sections may not be as numerous, but they offer many fantastic products. If you don't find what you're looking for, send me a message so I can be on the lookout for it. If it's not out there, maybe we will just have to make it.

The other takeaway from my visit with my niece is how hard NICU nurses (and all nurses) work! So as hard as it is to be a NICU parent, friend or relative, it is always beneficial to think of others. So if possible, bring them a treat, coffee, flowers, or something simple to show your appreciation. I know both of your days will be brighter. Something that costs us nothing is always kindness. These beautiful humans care for your little preemie and along with you, want to celebrate their going home.

Have a Great Day,

Cressie Baerg


Cressie started the preemie clothing brand Perfectly Preemie in 1993, designing specialized preemie clothing to fit the needs of premature babies. She acquired the Preemie Store in 2018 to expand our selection of great preemie products for parents all around the world.